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AI power in art, computer graphics, and NFT

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Neural networks' impact on art is mind-blowing and game-changing. Our goal is to raise awareness and accessibility of the latest AI tools for digital artists in aII mediums including  VR, AR, 3D and metaverse.
— Oleg Yusupov, Founder of Phygital +
About Phygital+ AI Lab
What you get:
Free lectures from AI artists, ML experts, and NFT creators

Why AI won’t replace people’s work but will rather help humans to be more creative?
What it can be used for and what you need to know to get the most out of AI tools for your creativity and productivity.
What is the secret sauce of successful NFT-marketing.
Expect tons of examples, beautiful and funny images, and thought-provoking content.
Learn how to use and apply AI tools in your work

We will ask you to submit an application form and will select 20 artists for the lab.
They will work with our mentors and use different AI tools to create 20 unique 3D sculptures that will be shown in AR at annual offline art exhibition at the end of September 2022.
Be the first to use groundbreaking
AI tools at one place

Creators of Phygital+ AI Lab will join our closed artist community. They will work with such famous tools as DiscoDiffusion, Style Transfer, StyleGANs and many others, using the first no-code AI tool Phygital+ as alpha testers.
Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence potential for content creation in 2D and 3D.
We will talk about different types of AI tools, their pros and cons, what skills you need, and useful tips to master AI art and NFT marketing.
Open lectures on AI art
With our mentors you will create your own AR 3D Sculpture based on real artists' paintings using the most modern AI tools.
Phygital+ AI Lab
Apply until 10th of August 2022
22/09/2022 and after
Exhibition & Community
More than 16k visitors will see your AI project at the exhibition via AR — big moment! But this is only a beginning. Take part in our community, learn tips and tricks how to get the most of AI tools for your work, create collabs & find new projects.
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Get inspired
Our favourite examples
of art generated by AI artists
We made 100+ projects
in VR, AR and metaverse
using machine learning
and CG best practices

Phygitalism  is an international Emmy-nominee studio that creates VR, AR and metaverse projects using machine learning algorithms. Now putting in hand all our experience, we developed the first no-code AI tool for digital creators Phygital+

AR Exhibition is done via platform