While living organisms are being depleted on Earth, a new biodiverse utopia is being written by machines. Let’s walk through generative valleys of AI imagination to experience new visual and spatial worlds
From giving birth to forming physiques, neural network strives for ordered structures visually embodying a person’s request. Step by step it reaches what it’s looking for by learning from basic biological models about such things as simplicity, grace, and natural regularity
Finding new life
Take a little pause and dive into small details to turn these tiny elements into your own discoveries, visions, worlds and entities. Eternity in the macroworld has no limits and lots of unexplored parts
Unexpected species
These little details may turn into new real organisms or rare creatures and change their look based on the context or conditions
What about humanoids?
How do neural networks see human beings?
How does it represent their personalities in three dimensional environment?
Unknown planets

Transforming plain synthetic patterns into 3D atmospheres of virtual planets with extraordinary firmaments, skies and surfaces creates new grounds for novel stories to be told and incredible worlds to be explored

Collaboration with AI helps us find new narratives and imagine the digital ‘other'. Such collaborative intelligence creates not just spatial design, but volumetric happenings, stories and even worlds
Design & Experiment Lab

Kamila Gizitdinova
Katya Janzen
Vlad Krutenyuk

Denis Leonov
Max Kan
Vadim Kondrattsev
Workflow in Phygital+