EXP.003 mixtures

Based and trained on artworks by Tatiana Plakhova (Complexity Graphics)

Mixture world
In this case, we experimented with neural networks (mostly NVIDIA StyleGan3) and with interaction of two models: Wiki Art and Complexity Graphics. Final mixture of them is beyond fascinating!
Wikiart dataset
Our dataset trained on Complexity Graphics artworks

It became an exciting journey in the world of Wiki Art with lenses from Complexity Graphics.

Wikiart world

Complexity Graphics world

Mixture world

What did we see in this?
#001 Residents and ghosts
We were welcomed by mysterious residents and spirits living among them. This world differs from ours: here energetic supernatural essences are visible.
#002 Architecture and new horizons
Architecture is a way of storytelling, a canvas for reflecting changing social myths, a theatre scene of daily life.
#003 Nostalgia
Time passes by and evergrowing part of experiences fades in our memories. But some things we managed to save on the external media, frozing their vanishing.
#004 Palette of our impressions
The palettes embody the atmosphere of our travels into the far dimensions.
Behind these pictures hides our playing with parameters which gives special stunning results.

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Denis Leonov, Max Kan, Vadim Kondrattsev, Ksenia Telegina
Design & Experiment lab:

Katya Janzen, Kamila Gizitdinova
Art Direction:

Oleg Yusupov, Tatiana Plakhova
Workflow in Phygital+